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💷 How much does the Career Builder cost?

🎉 It's free!*

🎣 *Yes, of course there's a catch.

The basic part of the course is free.

If you want to grow your career quicker, and accelerate your progress with worksheets, templates and additional exercises then invest in the advance content!

It’s day three without work

On day one, you caught up with some chores. Checked your emails. Met a friend for coffee.

Day two, you paid some bills. Looked through the jobs boards. Applied online. Planned dinner

Today you check your email again, no job in. Credit card statement drops on the doormat. Send out another three emails to info@ addresses. Wonder how you are going to pay off the credit card at the end of the month.

We’ve all been there.

That moment when one contract has ended, and the next one.. well, it’s on the horizon but it’s not getting closer. That feeling of uncertainty. Sure, it’ll be fine. Something will come along. But on the other hand, how long before it does?

What if you didn't have to look for work?

How would it feel to have a system for finding work that meant you were being proactive rather the reactive?

What if you were the first person to call when people were looking for a freelancer?

What if you got to a point where you had enough work coming in that you never had to look for work again?

Finding for Creative work is hard.

I didn't need to tell you that. And with the Coronavirus crisis, it's creating a whole new landscape for the creative industries. Freelancers need to be able to work remotely and still deliver. Some jobs are being delayed or cancelled. It’s a precarious time for everyone.

In response to this, I made an offer on the Festivus Facebook group, giving 30 mins of coaching to any freelancer who wanted to talk about the challenges they faced. I managed to get through lots of calls, but I couldn’t keep up with them all. But what struck me is that of those I could talk to were all facing the same kinds of struggles.

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • You know there are jobs out there - but where?
  • You know how to look for work, but you don’t have a solid plan to follow
  • You want to focus on one job role, but fear you need to be an all rounder
  • A lot of work comes from referrals, but you don’t like to ask for them
  • You know you need to cold call but don’t like picking up the phone
  • When you do, you get brushed off with “just send your CV to info@...”?

I’ve been hiring freelancers for my video production company for nearly 20 years. Before that, I was a freelancer myself. I’ve heard all of these struggles before – and had to wrangle with them myself!

While I can’t claim to solve all the challenges of finding work, I do have tips and strategies to confront them head on. I can't promise that you'll never need to look for work again, but you should have more work coming to you, which keeps the light on while you go after the jobs you really want.

I’ve learnt by my own trial and error, plus seeing your situation from the other side of the conversation – as the person employing freelancers just like you. Added to that, I’ve picked up some great tools from a variety of business trainings, which I’ve paid thousands of pounds for over the years. While they’re focused on selling a business, there are some great nuggets from them that will help you in your job search.

Who's the course for?

  • Animators
  • Production Managers
  • Directors
  • Camera people
  • Editors
  • Motion Graphics
  • Pretty much any one in the creative industries!

How will Clearly Creative Career Builder help you?

While work for me is quiet, I’m writing this course to give a little back to the creative community. The basics of the course for free. And they will stay free.

If you want to got to the next level, there will be advanced lesson with more details, templates and cheat sheets that will give you a deeper understanding and accelerate your progress.

Do you have just half an hour to up your game?

I'm trust that even if you spend just 30 minutes on the course, you'll find something that resonates with you, something you can implement the next time you're looking for work.

This price will go up as I add more. However, if you buy in at the low price, you’ll still have full access as the course grows.

When will the course be available?

The course is now live with a few key lessons. I’m trying to add a lesson each day. I’ll be sending catch up emails at the end of each week to highlight what’s new.

So sign up, and never look for work again!

Gavin Ricketts

Coach - Clearly Creative Space
Founder - Napoleon Creative

Here's a run down of what you'll learn

Watch the course grow with you

Over the next few weeks, this course is going to grow as more lessons are added. This means you're not overwhelmed at the beginning, but the value of the content grows. The course will have some free lessons, but some deeper content will be paid for.

The price is starting out super low, but whatever price you pay, you'll have access to the entire course for a full year.

So if buy today, you'll get it at a fraction of what others will be paying in a six months' time.

Just want help with your CV?

Then this book is written especially for you

Clearly Creative CVs is not a quick-fix guide to writing a 'perfect' CV.

It's about developing a mindset that will enable you to write the kind of CV employers love to read, teach you simple marketing techniques to keep you in employer's minds when they're recruiting, and give you strategies for increasing your hit rate of getting interviews.

Inside you'll find everything from writing your master CV, how to reversion for different kinds of applications, writing a covering letter and how to building your contacts for finding more work. Joe Mahoney, Managing Director of ProductionBase, thoroughly recommends the book, saying:

"The great thing about this book is it clearly sets out how to market yourself in all stages of your career; from the budding wet-behind-ears grad, to the seasoned series producer, there is plenty in here to grapple with, no matter what rung of the ladder you’re on."